The cheapest bank account – what bank? No monthly fees

The cheapest bank account is not one that can provide us with free account maintenance and no monthly fees. What counts is also what the bank can offer us, and thus free transfers or withdrawals from ATMs without commissions.

Until recently, having a bank account was connected with incurring additional fees related to running the account. Few bank accounts were free of monthly fees. In recent years, however, this situation has changed significantly, due to the fact that today’s personal account has almost everyone. However, how to find the cheapest bank account, without monthly fees and with the smallest fees for additional services?

The fact that an account will not be charged monthly does not mean that it will be a low-cost account. The account may not have monthly fees for running the account, but it may have a number of other additional options for which we will pay. This may be a fee for maintaining a payment card to your account, a fee for online transfers or cash withdrawals from ATMs. Sometimes such additional fees may cost us more than running an account at other banks. Today, I will help you find the cheapest bank accounts that will actually be cheap to drive.

In which bank to set up the cheapest bank account

In which bank to set up the cheapest bank account

An account that deserves to be listed first is EgetCash, which can be found in MyBank’s offer. I had the chance to open this account myself some dozen years ago. From now on, this account is offered free of charge. Since I have them, I have never paid a monthly fee for running the account. I do not incur any additional fees associated with running this account, however, only because I have a card account for this. The account is fully free, but if we also want to receive a card, then here we will have to prepare for the fact that we will either have to pay the monthly fee for the card. Or we will have to fulfill a certain condition not to pay for the card we receive from MyBank. The condition in question, however, is not particularly complicated and difficult to implement. It’s enough that once a month, we make a non-cash transaction with a card. It is important that it is 5 transactions a month and it does not matter what amount, because nowadays we can use the card even if we do shopping for 9.99 PLN. However, if we could not make it in a month or so, to meet the said condition then the bank will charge us PLN 4.

I mentioned the card fee. And what are the other fees related to maintaining EgetCash? They do not exist practically. By creating a free bank account at MyBank, you can count on a free account maintenance, and therefore no monthly fees for using the account. PLN 0 for withdrawals from ATMs, but on condition that these are Planet Cash ATMs, BZ WBK or Euronet network and these are withdrawals not lower than PLN 100. In addition, we can also count on free internet transfers, with free confirmation of operation by SMS code or Blik payment.

Fully free bank account

Fully free bank account

Another interesting proposal that we should look for when looking cheap in running a bank account is Westerns Bank ‘s offer. While in the case of MyBank we have to meet one small condition to keep the account fully free, in the Bank’s Westerns we do not have to meet such conditions at all. For the time being, because as you know, sometimes the bank introduces changes within the established accounts. Westerns Account was last year the winner in the ranking of personal accounts, conducted by Bankier.pl. This is not a special surprise for me, as the account deserves recognition. Free account maintenance, no fees for issuing and using a payment card or free cash withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland. This can be guaranteed by Westerns Bank as part of Westerns Account. If there was not enough, I would like to add that internet transfers are also free. And if someone would like to put money into their account, we can do it via a cash deposit and we will not pay a zloty for such an operation. This is definitely one of my main favorites when talking about low-cost bank accounts. It is also worth mentioning that Westerns Bank has one of the cheaper in maintaining bank accounts for companies and people running their own business.

Bank account for PLN 0

The third of my favorites is a bank account for PLN 0 at Inteligo. A bit sentimental, because much like MyBank, Inteligo has been offering free banking account management over the internet for at least a dozen or so years. Over the years, the conditions for maintaining a bank account have not changed. It is still an account that we can open fully free of charge and without any fees for maintaining the account. In addition, the account also allows us to perform free online transfers from your account. If it is to be the cheapest bank account, it can not also have monthly fees for using a payment card. It is no different in the case of Inteligo, but just like in MyBank, we have to meet a certain condition for this to happen. This tells you to do a non-cash transaction at least once a month, using a card for an amount not less than 100 PLN. Although Inteligo does not have its own ATMs, we will be able to withdraw cash entirely at ATMs of banks. These, as you probably know, we find in every major and smaller city of Poland. Bank account in Inteligo without any problems we will establish via the Internet and the contract for opening an account will be delivered to us by the courier company.

Optimal account for PLN 0

If you thought it was the end of my offer, you were wrong because here is my next favorite in the topic for the cheapest bank account. Crediter has an Optimal Account to offer, under which it provides free account maintenance and no monthly fees for using the account. By opening a bank account via this bank you will also be able to count on free withdrawals from ATMs. Provided that you decide to pay cash at Crediter ATMs or Planet Cash. Each account holder also receives a debit card for an account that does not incur any monthly or annual fees. Another advantage of this account, especially those who travel abroad frequently. They will be able to make free withdrawals from foreign ATMs of the BNP Paribas group and within the Global Alliance, which are located in over 50 countries.

Freemium account

The last proposal for one of the cheapest bank accounts prepared today is the Freemium Account, which we will set up at T-Mobile Banking Services. All of us this brand is associated mainly with the cellular network, and as it turns out, we can also set up a personal account with them. As some people may remember, the brand was previously known as Alior Sync, but all the time banking services are provided in cooperation with Meteor Bank. A bank account at T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe is characterized by free account maintenance. And so is the next of accounts under which we will not pay monthly fees. Under the account, we can also make unconditionally free online transfers. The first 3 ATM withdrawals each month are free. What disappointed me the most, fourth and each subsequent withdrawal from an ATM will cost us PLN 6, so not a little. We receive the account card free of charge, and there are no monthly fees, provided that in every single month we will make a transaction using a card for a minimum of PLN 200 If on a daily basis we are a T-Mobile customer who pays telecommunications bills on time, we may receive an additional limit in the account of up to PLN 1,000.

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