Official loan despite negative private credit

If you are looking for a civil servant loan despite a negative private credit, you have to expect difficulties. Where the official usually gets a loan without any problems, this is different with a negative private credit.

The customer has to adjust to a few hurdles.

Fast in the picture – only the most important

  • Loans with negative private credit often misuse advertising as a door opener for ancillary business
  • In the connected comparison you will be offered credit and nothing but credit
  • Apply – right now – but without risk
  • Learn in real-time – whether you receive credit and which offers suit you

Effects of a negative private credit

Effects of a negative private credit

Official credit despite negative private credit – here credit instead of promise Many consumers, including civil servants, can be negative about their private credit. A negative private credit always means that the consumer has not paid all his payments.

If there are too many negative entries in the private credit, an official can also be refused credit. However, civil servants often have the advantage of having a high income. With this income and the secure job, in most cases a civil service loan can still be taken despite negative private credit. These can apply for a debt restructuring.

With the debt restructuring old debts and a new loan amount can be taken up.

Remortgage – that’s how it works

Remortgage - that

Rescheduling is often easier for civil servants than for workers. That’s because of the high income. The rescheduling will often involve a higher rate than the repayment of the previous debt. That would not be a problem with income.

The official loan despite negative private credit can be applied for as a debt rescheduling loan. The bank will look at the private credit and figure out how much the total will be. This results in the sum of the rescheduling. The rate that must then be paid must be compatible with the income of the official. In general, that should not be a problem. But it works without private credit.

Especially civil servants have a good chance of getting a loan.

Official loan without private credit

Official loan without private credit

Anyone who has difficulty getting a civil service loan despite negative private credit can also do without the private credit. The private credit is audited by German banks. You can see how high the credit default risk is. If this is too high for the official, he can either offer collateral or apply for a loan without a private creditprüfung. This is only possible on the internet. Either the customer chooses a personal loan or a loan from abroad.

There are many differences.

Personal loan as a civil service loan

Personal loan as a civil service loan

An official loan despite negative private credit is sometimes not easy to get. The special status that civil servants normally have does not exist anymore. They too can then be a credit default risk. To avoid this, a personal loan for civil servants can be taken on the Internet.

This does not count the private credit, but only the income. This must be proven, as well as the employment contract and the bank statements of the last one to three months. The loan amount is likely to be high if there were no chargebacks in the account statements. If you only need a small loan, you can also take it abroad.

Foreign credit for civil servants

Foreign credit for civil servants

Abroad it is possible to borrow up to 7500 Euro. Especially civil servants who would only get a civil service loan under adverse conditions despite negative private credit, that would be an alternative.

Again, only the income and the safer job counts. The basic condition of having a 7500 Euro loan to have an income of at least 1800 Euro can be met by most officials. Unfortunately, this loan is not very flexible. The applicant can not decide in which time the loan will be repaid. He must accept the term of 40 months. The same applies to the loan sums.

These are given with 3500 euros, 5000 euros and 7500 euros.

Official credit despite negative private credit – Compare offers

Official credit despite negative private credit - Compare offers

Who wants to take a civil service loan despite negative private credit, should compare the offers. The comparison should include both the offers with private credit and without private credit. The official will have to expect that the otherwise so favorable interest rates will not be incurred here. With a negative private credit there are higher interest rates.

Depending on how low the score of the private credit will be, there will be a corresponding interest rate. But even with a comparison, care should be taken that special repayments are possible. Especially those who are looking for a rescheduling should not forget that. An additional payment once a year allows you to cut interest rates.

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